How We Do It


We invest time getting to know you. If there is good fit between your needs and our services, we will present a proposal for your consideration. Most of our clients are primarily concerned with the welfare of their families. There is a lot to understand with families!     


We identify where you are, where you want to go and your time frames and resources for getting there. We will provide checklists and forms for your use in providing all of the information that we need. Your confidential personal information is secure with us. Multiple safeguards exist to prevent the un-authorized disclosure of your information to third parties.


We may need to schedule a meeting or two to clarify our understandings. There are no fixed assumptions or outcomes built in. Everything is customized to your particular and unique situation.


We will create a baseline model of  how you are doing things now. We will propose alternatives that may improve your outcomes.


You will receive a written analysis of your situation. This includes the probabilities of reaching your goals. Our basic goal is to increase the probability that you will reach your goals. We call this probability analysis “The Green Circle.”


We are qualified to help you with the implementation of your investment strategy and any life and long-term care insurance needs. Should you need legal or tax assistance or any other help outside of our areas of expertise then you may authorize us to work with your legal, tax and other advisors.


Your “Green Circle” becomes the baseline for our annual planning reviews. By having an established detailed plan of where you want to go, we can track your progress every year to see how you are doing and to modify, change or eliminate goals.