Who We Serve

Our clients tend to be made up of individuals and couples who are employed by or retired from large corporations, health care organizations  and educational systems. We do not serve business owners. We focus our efforts on the unique challenges faced by our clients in making smart choices with their money. A major issue faced by most of our clients is how to manage the funds held in their employer’s retirement plans.

Our clients tend to be family stewards in that they are most concerned about the current and future well-being of their families. They are comfortable being involved in the development stages of the wealth management plan, but they tend to prefer to delegate investment decisions to a trusted advisor.

They may also seek the personal freedom that wealth can bring, and they may feel that financial independence is a means to an end, not the final goal.

Many of our clients find the responsibility of wealth management to be an unpleasant task. They tend to try to avoid discussions on the technical side of investing. They indicate that they need a high level of personal trust in their financial advisor.

We are now serving third generation family members of some of our clients. Most of these original relationships began over 30 years ago. We value the trust and confidence that succeeding generations of our original clients place in us.