Who We Are

Jeffrey J. Stenroos and a partner incorporated Integrated Capital Planning, Inc.(ICP) in the State of Ohio on September 15, 1983. Jeff acquired full ownership and control of ICP in 1989. The firm was created as a personal financial advisory service. 


I help our clients reach the summits of life’s financial mountains. If you want to climb Mount Everest, you need a Sherpa.

The Sherpa people live in the high altitudes of the Himalayan Mountains in Eastern Nepal. They are renowned as mountain guides and are absolutely essential for anyone adventurous enough to consider climbing Mount Everest.

Climbing Mount Everest is NOT on my bucket list. However, I embrace the role of being a FINANCIAL Sherpa for my clients as I help them scale the financial mountains of life.

I help clients of all ages. Wherever you find yourself on life’s journeys you will find Integrity, Trust and Service to be values that are at the heart of everything that I do for our clients.

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