Wealth Management Services

We draw on almost forty years of experience in creating custom investment strategies for our clients. This means that we must thoroughly understand EVERY aspect of your personal wealth. We do not work on a piecemeal basis in designing your strategy. We must know about every investment asset that you own, including cash, cash equivalents, business interests, pending inheritances and life insurance values to name the most common “other” assets that we may not actually manage for you. We do not have to be the agent of record for everything, but we need to understand your entire financial situation in order to design your strategy.

Our comprehensive investment management services include complete tracking and monitoring of your portfolios. We use a sophisticated performance tracking and reporting system to help us keep track of how you are progressing to meet your objectives. This system provides capabilities to do annual gain-loss harvesting for your non-retirement assets. This procedure may help to reduce your annual tax liabilities associated with investing. You will also have access to our portfolio tracking and reporting system which will allow you to review current information on your investments at your convenience.

You will have online access to your investment strategy. Once it is established, we will help you set up access to your portfolio. Our suite of portfolio tools allows you to look at many different aspects of your investments. It will also include any assets from your retirement plan at work that we manage for you.

We engage the services of world-class money managers to implement the strategies that we design for our clients.

We maximize your future potential income streams using a methodology referred to as “Sequencing of Returns.” Your strategy will arrange each of your financial assets (whether we manage them or not) in an optimal order for creating income throughout your retirement. This methodology is not widely applied in our industry and the resulting improvements over what you are doing now might surprise you.